And now, for something completely different…

March 26, 2009

3-25-2009_009 My dad dropped off a box of old slides from when we were all kids. I have a scanner at home that is specially made for scanning slides and negatives and I now have one more project added to the 15 or so other ones I am in the middle of (including the much anticipated website).

The picture on the left is one of the scanned slides, probably from around 1985. I’m on the far left, followed by my sister Jaclyn, my uncle Dominic, and my brother Peter.

I have found myself reassessing how I approach photography. My philosophy has been that every picture is  valuable, especially when, years from now, our children and grandchildren will want to see what everyone looked like before glasses were obsolete, and before clothing was made out of the shiny silvery stuff they show in futuristic films. (I don’t really believe that is where fashion is going). But my sister Jaclyn presented another thing to think about, with digital cameras, it is so easy to shoot a hundred pictures a week, or per family function, that by the time our future generations sit down to sort through what we have left behind, it will take years to do so. I myself have several thousand shots from the past six years I have owned a digital camera. It takes alot of time as it is to sort through and scan all of the slides and negatives that my father found. But then again, almost every slide holds so much value as I look back into the past. After considering all of this I have found myself sorting through my own digital pictures with a more critical eye, asking myself, what will my future generations want to see, and what pictures are not worth keeping. Sometimes this is just a matter of deleting shots that are a little blurry or repetitive. I can find this to be a very difficult decision at times, but in the end more economical.

Oh, and if anyone has old family slides that they would like to scan, feel free to contact me, I can offer my services for a competitive price.


One Response to “And now, for something completely different…”

  1. jaclyn said

    I sorted through thousands of highschool and college pictures a few years ago and realized that my kids won’t have any interest in seeing 5000 pictures of Joy, Melissa, Kathy, etc. They want to see “me” so I basically reduced my photo albums down to 3 main ones from each life period to make it easier for them. Also, scenic pictures (at least the non-professinal shots)- once again, the kids want to see their parents, not 2000 pictures of a sunset on the beach so I have been working on downsizing those. Digitals are a bit different because you can store those more easily but I didn’t want to have bin upon bin of printed out photos for them to have to sort through someday. Good job on downsizing.

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